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. FAQ. SystemRequirements. Restart Browser.Tombstone Blues Tombstone Blues is a 2007 American Western film directed by Adam Rifkin and starring Ben Affleck, Forest Whitaker, Jim Caviezel, Amy Ryan and Michael Madsen. Affleck and Caviezel are in their film debut. The plot follows a pair of frontier bounty hunters, who come across a pair of outlaws and are hired to escort them to Tombstone, Arizona, the new territorial capital of the United States. The film is based on the popular Western novels of the same name by Western author Ernest Haycox. Plot In 1881, Wyatt Earp, having returned home after the Civil War, struggles to keep his family from poverty while earning enough to open a saloon. Wyatt also meets and helps Vito Gio, a runaway Italian-American immigrant who has become one of the most notorious outlaws in the West. Earp helps Vito get off the bounty hunter's list by murdering one of the bounty hunters who are pursuing him. Vito's gang, with the help of the sheriff, capture Earp, and hang him in front of his own saloon, with Vito himself committing the act. Earp's adopted son, Johnny, and the man who killed the bounty hunter, Sam Bass, struggle to keep Earp from being lynched. Meanwhile, an Apache chief, Clem Rivers, the only real survivor of a raid on the Arizona territory, is in hiding, and a group of outlaws led by fellow Apache tribal member Josey "Jake" Earp are using a bounty on his head to hide their depredations from the law. Clem is attacked by a bounty hunter, Hightower, who was employed by Sam Bass, and is shot. Clem is taken to a hospital, where Jake, now seen as a psychopath due to his killing of two innocent people, leaves, kidnapping Clem's sister, Julie. The doctor informs Wyatt that Clem is dying, and that only Jake can save him. Wyatt, Julie and Vito go to the hospital to protect Clem, but he dies before they can reach him. Wyatt contacts the railroad station at Black Hill, Arizona, where he finds Jake in charge of a gang and where the outlaws are planning to ambush the express freight train. Wyatt, Jake and Vito free the passengers from the express car, before Jake and Wyatt, along with their gang, ambush the train.




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Facebook Friends Mapper Extension Download For 27 [Latest]

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